Committees & Commissions

Calgary Catholic Medical Association

The mission of the Calgary Catholic Medical Association (CCMA) is to promote and foster Catholic Health Care Professionals’ personal and professional growth in the Spirit of Christ and to bring that Spirit to all those under their care.

Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The RC Diocese of Calgary is committed to listening carefully and sensitively to any person who believes that she/he has been a victim of sexual misconduct by an employee (Religious or Lay) of the Diocese.

Diocesan Finance Council

The Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) exists to offer asistance and guidance to the Bishop in the administration of the temporal goods of the Diocese.

Diocesan Liturgy Commission

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission (DLC) acts in an advisory capacity to the Office of Liturgy in order to carry out the Bishop’s mission of liturgical leadership in the Diocese.

Diocesan Planning Commission

The Diocesan Planning Commission was given the mandate to identify the key planning issues and concerns that impact the planning and operations of parishes within the Diocese of Calgary.

Life Education Committee

Strengthens and coordinates pro-life educational initiatives in the Diocese of Calgary. The Diocesan Life Education Committee coordinates and supports initiatives that educate on the sanctity of human life from conception.

Social Justice Commission

The Diocesan Social Justice Commission acts as an advisory and policymaking body in collaboration with the Office of Social Justice.

Marriage Ministry Team

The Calgary Diocesan Marriage Ministry Team is committed to collaborate on the shared vision of Christian marriage, exchange experiences and share resources.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee works through the Office of Social Media & Website to carry out Bishop's mission for Evangelization through Social Media.

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