Balkan Flood Appeal

Balkan Flood Appeal

Catastrophic floods are occurring in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and the mass of the Balkan peninsula over the past few weeks. Many of our brothers and sisters in our parishes are deeply concerned about the welfare of their families and friends back home. Many people have lost everything they own. Bishop Henry has requested that a second collection be taken up in all parishes for humanitarian relief. Please see his attached Memo:

Caritas Canada is channeling funds to the respective Caritas groups who are working on the ground to help:

Additional donations can also be made by sending a cheque payable to your parish, earmarked "D & P – Balkan Floods" or by sending a cheque payable to the RC Diocese of Calgary, earmarked "D &P – Balkan Floods" and sent to the Pastoral Centre at 120 -17th Ave S.W., Calgary AB T2S 2T2.

Thank you for your generous contributions!

 Please Read Memo: Balkan Flood Relief- Bishop Henry

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Donate a Gift

A Gift of Prayer

Mission Prayer by permission from "The Society of Propagation of the Faith"

Lord, our God, help us to walk with you on the pathway of the beatitudes and to live out your mission in today's world.Bind us to all men and women of our time so that together we may bring the Good News to the ends of the earth.Open our hearts and our Christian communities to the needy, the afflicted, the oppressed.May we radiate the Living Christ and transform our lives in hope of the Resurrection.This prayer we make to you who are living God now and forever.


A Gift of Volunteer Time

Be attentive: To the Spirit of love, healing and service, for a true missionary begins the journey with one's own self then moves on to their family, parish, community and diocese. Only when also called by God do they then proceed to share the gifts of the Holy Spirit to those in need throughout the world.

Our Patron Saint of the Universal Missions, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus was a "cloistered" Carmelite nun who became a Doctor of the Church.

Ways to serve Diocesan Mission Council

For more information contact Sr. Cecily Graves, Executive Director

  • Consider becoming a Board Member
  • Organize a Parish Mission Committee (discuss idea with your Parish Priest and Parish Council)
  • Collect stamps and donate them to Diocesan Mission Council
  • Donate used greeting cards to be recycled
  • Volunteer your time with the many Outreach programs, organizations and projects in your Parish, throughout the Diocese or in your community
  • For more information see Canadian Outreach Opportunities

A Gift of a Monetary Donation

During the meeting of the Mission Board on March 1st, 1972 two major actions were taken. The late Bishop Paul O'Byrne appointed Fr. Joseph Toole as Director and the proposed constitution was presented and studied by the Board. The following month April 12th, an "historical decision" was made that changed how the people of the Diocese of Calgary gave to the Missions, the less fortunate and needy of our Diocese and the world. Previously, the parishioners gave to the Missions via the Mission Sunday Collection which was then given to Propagation of the Faith, one of the Pontifical Societies. Fr. Toole moved; "that persons should be able to donate to the Peru Mission (for the work of Father Malo), through their parish or through the Diocese, and that they receive receipts for such donations." It was seconded by Mrs. Bea Davis and the Motion was carried.

Forty years later the Diocese of Calgary activity in the Mission of the Church has changed extensively to include a number of organizations, to which you could give a monetary donation.

We encourage you to review the different possibilities by reading more information in our section Canadian Outreach Opportunities or, if you prefer, send your designated mission donations directly to Mission Council or Together in Action (formerly ABA) c/o the Diocesan Pastoral Centre.

Let the promptings of the Holy Spirit that dwells in your heart help you to discern where your donations are needed. May God our Father continue to bless you with joy and peace as you help the less fortunate of our Parishes, Communities, throughout the Diocese and the world.

With gratitude we Thank You.

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St. Peter the Apostle Program

Educates Priests, Brothers and Sisters in mission countries.

This year in Canada the St. Peter Apostle allocates its donations to the following countries.

Chalice Program

The Society of St. Peter the Apostle has a program that makes it possible for you to put a chalice in the hands of a mission priest in the developing world.

Through a donation of $370.00, you may purchase a chalice, have it engraved, and forwarded to a mission priest.

This chalice may be inscribed with your name or with the name of a living or deceased relative or friend.

To learn more about the Chalice Program visit

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Diocesan Home Mission's History

Our History

Following the example of previous Bishops, Bishop Paul O'Byrne reached out to the Native People of the Diocese of Calgary who, to show appreciation, made Bishop Paul an honorary Blackfoot Chief.

 "In the past, responsibility for the Native Communities had rested primarily with Oblate missionaries, the Grey Nuns and the Sisters of Providence".

"As the Sisters aged and their number decreased it became more difficult for the Grey Nuns and the Sisters of Providence to sustain their educational, medical and catechetical work among the Native peoples of the Diocese. -- By the mid seventies the Mission Council began to re-evaluate past practice in light of the Church's new theology of mission. Rather than send non Native priests and missionaries to minister on reserves the Mission Council advocated the training of Native Christian leaders. To achieve this, the Church needed to listen to the Native People and to help them restore confidence in themselves and their cultural identity. -- In the wake of the controversy surrounding residential schools, healing and reconciliation within Native communities and between Natives and the Church became a priority for the Diocesan Mission Council. The Mission Council supported the development of a Native Leadership Program and the work of the Father Latour Native Pastoral Centre among urban Natives."

(Information obtained from "Winds of Change pg. 50,51)

Although there are five Native Reserves in the Diocese of Calgary only four Churches serve Catholic parishioners and two of these remain ministered to by Oblate Priests.

The Kateri Council was formed to provide the four Native Churches the opportunity to have a voice, share ideas and concerns with one another. These discussions take place today and any pertinent information is then passed on to Bishop Henry.

Whom We Serve

For more information about each Native Church, see below:

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