Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ

It is a very exciting time in our diocese as the newly created Religious Education curriculum is rolling out in all Catholic schools in Alberta! Growing in Faith ~ Growing in Christ is the fruit of a powerful collaboration of the Catholic Bishops of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. This new curriculum replaces the long standing Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ curriculum Born of the Spirit.

This new catechetical instrument which will be for grades one through eight is already being used by grades one, two and three. Within the next few years all grade levels will be available. This new program of studies is state-of-the-art as it embraces our Canadian Catholic milieu with our diverse ethnic communities and aboriginal peoples, as well as our Eastern Catholic communities such as Ukrainian Catholics and many more.

The program is organized in such a way as to journey with our children through the Church’s liturgical seasons, so that what they learn about how their faith is celebrated. This is reinforced by what they experience at Mass and in their Catholic school communities. The program includes a student text book, and an online component that students can share with their parents via their personal web portal.

Even the parish priest and his staff have a special parish web portal so that they can access and review what is happening at any grade level in religious education.

The program is also designed so that teachers who deliver the program will be personally enriched with materials specially researched to act as teacher enrichment resources. For the first time, we have a resource that can enrich the student, the parent, the teacher and the parish staff.

The Religious Education Office of the Diocese thanks Bishop Fred Henry for making this project a reality. Bishop Henry’s untiring efforts to seek out partners for collaboration, in order to bring this project to fruition cannot be exaggerated. As the Liaison Bishop for the Alberta Catholic Bishops, for the past 19 years, Bishop Henry has observed, validated, and put into motion all that was needed to help bring about a collaborated effort in producing the best catechetical resource we can have at this time for our school communities.

Bishop Henry spared no sacrifice or effort to meet, discuss, explore, dialogue, evaluate, and execute all that was needed to make this project a reality. On behalf of all the stakeholders within our diocese who, for years to come, will enjoy the many blessings of this rich and dynamic resource, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you God’s abundant grace and blessing for the years ahead!

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Heavy Hearts Filled with Gratitude

It was a joyful task to ask Bishop Fred Henry for his support of the 20th annual God Squad Men’s Conference. To hear of his retirement left me with a sense of loss. However, it was with a truly heavy heart that I observed the media’s field day describing him and his actions over the years with words that did not fit who we know he is and what he has done for the Calgary Diocese.

I reflected on what a great leader Bishop Henry has been for Calgarians and the whole Catholic community. He truly was a shepherd and a father to us. What the media had maligned him for was what I loved him for. They just didn’t understand that he was protecting us with warnings that if we take a certain path, we are putting ourselves at risk. He was a warning sign to our society of hazards ahead, like a police officer giving out tickets for speeding to reduce traffic accidents and deaths. Even if you are upset with the officer, he may have just prevented an accident, and the other cars driving by also get the message to slow down.

Bishop Henry was a friend to the God Squad right from the beginning. Installed on March 19, 1998 (the feast of St. Joseph), he opened our first conference with a blessing on the following day, even though he had family in the car waiting for him to go out for dinner. Over the years, he celebrated masses and given talks and wrote letters of support for our conferences.

I remember after one conference our keynote speakers were amazed at how Bishop Henry had this large group of men enthralled with a story about a toad! He truly is a gifted communicator. I cannot help but think of the correlation between he and St. Joseph, who also protected his family, day in and day out, without thought for himself. I believe that, like St. Joseph, he did the will of the Lord with humility and grace.

This year’s conference theme is a simple celebration of our 20th Annual Men’s Conference under the patronage of St. Joseph. Please help us celebrate this milestone by sharing your past stories of how the conference has made a difference in your life and by bringing someone new with you. Email stories or pictures to Go to to register, see ad on page 19 or come to the door on March 17/18. All men ages 14 years and up are invited.

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World Day of the Sick 2017

Message of our Holy Father, Pope Francis for the 25th World Day of the Sick

Dear brothers and sisters,

On 11 February next, the Twenty-fifth World Day of the Sick will be celebrated throughout the Church and in a special way at Lourdes. The theme of this year's celebration is "Amazement at what God has accomplished: 'The Almighty has done great things for me...'" (Lk 1:49). Instituted by my predecessor Saint John Paul II in 1992, and first celebrated at Lourdes on 11 February 1993, this Day is an opportunity to reflect in particular on the needs of the sick and, more generally, of all those who suffer. It is also an occasion for those who generously assist the sick, beginning with family members, health workers and volunteers, to give thanks for their God-given vocation of accompanying our infirm brothers and sisters. Read more

Downloadable resources

Pope Francis' message (in French, click here)

download Prayer Cards

download Poster

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Rite of Election & Call to Lenten Renewal

This rite closes the period of the catechumenate proper of those individuals seeking Baptism at Easter and initiates the final, more intense preparation for the sacraments of initiation both for the catechumens (subsequently called the "elect") and for baptized adults seeking full communion with the Catholic Church (known as "candidates").


There will be no gathering at St. Monica's School. Please arrive DIRECTLY to St. Mary's Cathedral.

Arrive no less than 30 minutes prior to the celebration. Doors open one hour before the liturgy.


Parishes have been assigned to Saturday or Sunday.

Seating is assigned. See the head usher upon arrival and be seated by an usher.

You may fill in the registration form electronically or by hand and send by e-mail, fax, or mail.

The registration form is due no later than February 28, 2017.

Click here to download the complete registration and information package including your assigned celebration date.

Register online here for Saturday, March 4, 2017 | 7:30 pm - St. Mary's Cathedral

Register online here for Sunday, March 5, 2017 | 3:30 pm - St. Mary's Cathedral

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Pastoral Care Course


Pastoral Care is the unconditional caring response to the lonely, shut-ins, the sick and dying to meet their spiritual needs, being respectful of their own religious beliefs and practice. This course will introduce you to the basic visiting skills for visiting in the health care facilities or parish.

Pastoral Care Course Start-up Information

Spring Session - 7 Thursday Evenings - May 4-June 15, 2017. 

St. Bernadette's Parish: 7103 - 20-A Street SE, Calgary

Course cost is $50.00. Registration is on first-come basis. You must be able to attend the first session. All other sessions are also mandatory, however, they can be made up if you have to miss one. Your course binder and your receipt will be issued at the first class. Please bring something to write with to the sessions.

You can register in two ways:

1)  Online. Click here to register online. You will also need to complete the Pastoral Care Education Registration Form. You can download it from the second box on the right. It can be returned by one of the methods indicated on the form.

2)  Via Mail. Use the Pastoral Care Registration Form and send it in with a a cheque for $50.00 payable to "RC Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary" to the address below.

Thank you for your interest in Pastoral Care Education. Please remember to submit your manual Registration Form to complete your registration.

For more information contact Alicia at 403-218-5501, or e-mail

Interested in Furthering your Pastoral Care Education?

If you are interested in furthering your Pastoral Care Education but find it difficult to attend a college or university, offers online programs that could be just what you are looking for. The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP) has been in existence since 1995. CPSP is an international, theologically-based covenant community dedicated to "Recovery of Soul."

CPSP offers credentials such as:

  • Diplomate in Pastoral Psychotherapy
  • Diplomate in Pastoral Supervision
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • Associate Pastoral Counselor
  • Board-Certified Clinical Chaplain
  • Board-Certified Associate Clinical Chaplain
  • Clinical Fellow in Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Associate Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Clinically-Trained Minister

For more information, visit

Please note: this program is not a substitute for the prerequisite Diocesan Pastoral Care Course that enables parishioners to partake in Pastoral Care within the Diocese of Calgary.

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