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Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults: Carillon Articles

The following are a collection of articles written over the past few years on the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults.

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Project Rachel - Post Abortion Healing

Project Rachel is an ecumenical ministry of healing and reconciliation for people of all ages who are suffering distress from a past abortion experience.

The ministry was launched throughout southern Alberta in November 1998

Project Rachel is a sensitive, private and confidential program. We offer support to anyone, regardless of gender, age, or faith. Not only women who have had the abortion, but also men and family members who experience post-abortion grief are welcome to contact us. Our counsellors recognize abortion as a traumatic experience, and address its psychological and physical symptoms. In addition, they offer the unique opportunity to integrate spirituality into the healing process.

  • Teams of trained therapists or clergy are available to see clients on an individual basis. Our counselors are readily available; there are no long waiting times.
  • This is a confidential and ecumenical ministry.

For more information, click here

Project Rachel Brochure

Upcoming Events

The next Project Rachel Weekend Retreat will be held March 17-18, 2017. This is an opportunity to journey with others who are also seeking healing from a past abortion experience - under the guidance of two professional counselors. For more information or to register, contact the Project Rachel office at 403-218-5506 or (Toll Free) 1-877-597-3223 or email at

A Song For Rachel

'A Song For Rachel' is held annually as a fun-filled, family fundraising concert that has been established in 1999. A silent auction was added in 2003.

The Song for Rachel Team wants to thank all those who have contributed to make our 2016 fundraiser event what it has become. We are grateful to our faithful audience, and happy to see you again next year!

Contact us!

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Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults: Education and Training


Step 8 of the "10 Steps of Volunteer Screening" addresses the need for education. We know that implementing our policies and procedures is a necessary step to making abuse impossible. However, to create an environment where abuse is unthinkable and everyone is part of a "culture of safety," we need to educate everyone who has any kind of leadership or who holds a position of responsibility in the parish. Our diocesan requirement is that this includes all clergy, staff, Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Council members, everyone who works with or around minors or vulnerable adults, coordinators of all ministries, even if their ministry does not involve minors, and all facility key holders.

Child Sexual Abuse Training

Called to Protect: group workshop training

The classroom program is excellent for parishes and programs which are just beginning to train their people or which have a number of new volunteers. Called to Protect is a 2 to 2.5 hour workshop, with videos and presentation content, purchased from Praesidium Inc. in the United States. With this training, our people satisfy the initial sexual abuse prevention program requirements. Sexual abuse prevention training must also be refreshed at least every two years. This would be done using Praesidium's online training, called Armatus.

Armatus: online training

The required initial education component of the "10 Steps of Volunteer Screening" can also be satisfied by individuals going online to complete the education modules from Praesidium. They call this program Armatus. The basic modules take about the same amount of time to complete as the workshop (2 hours). Armatus training is also the tool for the required refresher training, which should take place at least every two years. New modules (not just rehashing the original material) are regularly added for this purpose. People in all of the categories listed above must go through an average of one new module per year. Typically, each module takes 30 minutes to complete. If you have already been given login instructions or are already enrolled as a user, you may click on the link below at any time. If not, please contact your Parish Screening Coordinator or Ministry Coordinator to get set up.

Click here to access Armatus

Elder Abuse Awareness Training

In addition to the training for child sexual abuse prevention, those who are working with vulnerable adults in care facilities and visiting their homes, the Diocese of Calgary has trained a number of people who can deliver a 2.5 hour workshop called "Taking Action Against Abuse of Older Adults: An Awareness Workshop". This program was developed by the YWCA and has been made available to us free of charge. Please see your pastor or parish screening coordinator to find out if there may be a workshop in your parish or region.

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Sing the Liturgy: O Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New

Alost child calls out in a busy grocery store – “mama, MAMAAA!” Can you hear the music? Can you hear the intensity, the tone, or the dynamic? This is not an example of everyday casual speech, but a call that begs to be heard. This past October, the Sacred Music Committee invited music directors and clergy from across the Diocese to spend a day to explore chant during the Sing the Liturgy: O Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New workshop lead by Lowell A. Davis, executive director of the St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant.

The above example of a child calling out to his mother helps us to hear that &lquo;sung speechrquo; or chant is a useful tool to proclaim your situation or, in our case, to proclaim the Word of God.

The Church has a vast treasury of music which has been with us for generations to help us proclaim scripture beyond casual speech. Chant lets us hear the Word of God, united in one voice, with a renewed sense of understanding and purpose.

At the workshop, Mr. Davis proposed this concept and described it as the “unity of the community.” This is useful to know when we discern why and how we might use chant in our parish worship. We become one voice through word, song, soul, and prayer. Mr. Davis said, “chant is highly energetic, it flows, it stresses the weight of the text, and deepens our prayer.” The best part is that it’s not difficult. One of the resources† we practiced involved us using a set of chanted Entrance and Communion Antiphons for the church year, composed by Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB. The texts have been taken directly from the Roman Missal and the musical line is formed with the text in mind. Cantors or choirs have a role to play but more importantly, so does the congregation, as we endeavour to become one voice in prayer.

As a musician, it is fascinating to see how music begins, how music notation develops, and how it is passed on throughout time. What I was really looking for at the conclusion of this workshop was a hook that I could use to implement in parish liturgies. When asked, Mr. Davis suggested, “Why not start with chanting the communion antiphon?” We have the text, and we have a simple chanted melody that can be learned by ear, and this is definitely an achievable goal. It’s concise and doesn’t subtract or change anything that we are currently doing musically.

Ideally, this example will start a conversation amongst parishioners, liturgy committees, and pastors. Ask: How often and during which celebrations throughout the year might we use chant? How deep will we dig into our vast and historical treasury of music?

As a music director, I like this new tool in my toolbox! This is actually a lost, but now found tool that we can use. I have one final consideration for you: What can you as directors, cantors, choirs, and our true choir (you, the congregation) enact this coming Sunday based on what I’ve shared from this recent chant workshop? The short answer is everything! Consider, uniting as a community, and sing words like “Glory,” “Praise,” and “Joy” with more conviction. Listen to the psalm for the week, and respond with equal intensity; and maybe, chant a communion antiphon or two!

The Sacred Music Committee works through the Office of Liturgy to carry out the Bishop’s mission of Sacred Music in the Diocese. The SMC researches current issues and practice in liturgical music and promotes understanding of music in the liturgy throughout the Diocese. Members of the SMC are people of prayer with experience in catechesis and music ministry. They have discerned a calling to this ministry and enjoy working as part of a team. For more information or questions, email:

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