Mission Council Report 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

Mission Council receives about 30 appeals every year from different parts of the world. Some applicants need very urgent and immediate help. However, because of the lack of funds we can only help a few projects out of the 30 appeals. It’s very difficult to let others down every year, and it breaks my heart.
I hope that many faithful will participate in this mission to help people in need. We chose eight projects last year and I am happy to present some photos of our diocesan missions. We are unable to include photos for one project (Rescuing young girls from human trafficking in Nepal) due to confidentiality.

I take an opportunity to give a sincere thank to all the donors whose generosity made this mission possible.

God bless you,
Sr. Rita Kim FMM

View the mission council report here:

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International Mission

International Mission 2016 Report

Click here to view the 2016 report of Mission Council's International Mission, and here for the help that we have provided as a diocese to the Eparchy of Keren in Eritrea.

Mission Council chose 7 projects to help people in need in five different countries

  • India: 
    • Darjeeling Jesuit Province for direct involvement in evangelization
    • Save Trust for mining children in Magara, Guntur
    • Vellore Diocese - for carpentry tools for the vocational training of young boys
    • Multipurpose Social Service Society of the Cuddapah Diocese - for vocational skill training in tailoring and embroidery
  • Eritrea: To finish off the Church in Hamedey
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: For furniture in the chapel of Notre-Dame University of Kayasi
  • Sri Lanka: Happy Life for drug prevention and awareness program, and practical leadership skills in Mirigama
  • Nepal: Aid to rescue young women from prostitution through Servants Anonymous in Calgary
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Development and Peace - Caritas Canada

Share Lent 2016 – Creating a climate of change together!

Each year during Lent, Canadian Catholics are invited to stand in solidarity with communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East who are struggling for dignity and justice.

This Lent, inspired by the Jubilee Year of Mercy and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE invites you to join in a Climate of Change solidarity pilgrimage with our sisters and brothers in the Global South.

By opening our hearts and walking hand in hand with the most poor and vulnerable, we can contribute to building a world rooted in justice, equality, compassion and love. DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is working to create a climate of change and build a more just world.

Running throughout the six weeks of Lent, this Lent Calendar app features stories of hope about our sisters and brothers around the world who are creating a climate of change. In the face of conflicts, climate change, and decreasing access to land and water, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE’s partners around the world are empowering the most poor and vulnerable to lift themselves out of poverty.

DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE invites you to join in a Climate of Change pilgrimage. You can use this app to guide you through the Lenten season with three simple steps each day: Learn, Pray and Act.

See for more details

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The Jubilee Year ofMercy in Lethbridge in Review

During this Jubilee of Mercy many things have been happening in the city of Lethbridge! The Martha Sisters opened their retreat doors to many pilgrims who made time to visit the Holy Doors. Monthly masses, except during summer, were celebrated to accommodate the people visiting the city. Many volunteers gave of their time to greet and welcome the pilgrims to the Holy Doors of Mercy and make them feel at home.

As the Holy Father requested, reflections on the teachings of Vatican II were offered. Fr. Salvador, Fr. Lukas, and Fr. Roque provided presentations on the various documents of Vatican II. Attendance depended on the business of life, but between 45 and 70 people came out and the feedback was very good. The presentations on the Mission of the Laity and the Mission of the Ordained were very well received, and in some ways provided a real shock for some of the attendees. Many people have the perception that the ordained are called to evangelize the world, where in fact the lay faithful have also been entrusted with the responsibility of being evangelists in the world. Fifty years after Vatican II, we are still striving to implement its teachings. The challenge is that we also don’t know the teachings, so education presentations like this are encouraged, and appreciated. This Jubilee Year of Mercy has given all of us an opportunity to reflect on God’s mercy and how Vatican II calls us to live that mercy in the world today. All the presentations in Lethbridge can be seen and heard at

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