Together In Action Means Giving Good GIfts

As part of our Diocesan mission and obedience to the words of our Lord to “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep,” Together in Action granted “good gifts” of funding to many amazing organizations across southern Alberta in 2016. In Lethbridge, we granted to the Interfaith Food Bank Society, run almost entirely by volunteers. Each year, more than 100 volunteers come through their door to give “good gifts” of time to the lives of the food bank’s clients. Many of them are passionately committed, serving regularly, often several times a month. Staff are committed to giving their volunteers a positive experience. Funds from Together in Action ensure they have a quality volunteer program. This commitment promotes long term volunteer retention and helps manage organizational costs effectively.

A bit farther north, in Airdrie, Deacon Gary Haney works with St. Dismas Prison Ministries. This organization works with an extremely marginalized population – recently released inmates. Together in Action funds the organization’s Let’s Journey Together Program. Volunteers with this organization give “good gifts” of circles of support around released inmates, helping them transition back into the community. The connections built within these circles anchor these vulnerable individuals to stability, acceptance and often, housing and employment. Deacon Gary Haney loves to tell the story of this organization and passionately believes in the work.

Do you or your parish support a charity that you are passionate about? Do you have an organization that you love and give the “good gifts” of your time or money to? We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us to tell us about it! If we feel it’s a good fit for the Together in Action Granting Program, we will solicit an application from the charity. After that, it will be up to the committee and the Bishop. As the donors who make Together in Action possible, we believe you have a voice in suggesting the spread of “good gifts.” Contact the Charities & Development Office at (403) 218-5534 for more information or to get the nomination form.

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Coldest Night of the Year

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary is honoured to partner with Blue Sea Philanthropy, KAIROS Calgary and the Mustard Seed to host Coldest Night of the Year.

The Coldest Night of the Year is a non-competitive 2, 5, and 10km winter-walk happening in more than 90 communities across Canada. Charities in each community raise funds and awareness in support of individuals experiencing hunger, homelessness and hurt.

For more information or to join us as a walker or volunteer, visit the Walk website or contact Samantha Jones at 403-218-5531 or

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Year End Giving

2016 Giving Deadlines

Thank you for thinking of us this holiday season.
We are truly grateful for your support!

The Catholic Pastoral Centre will be closed from 4:30 pm on Thursday, December 22, 2016 
until 8:30 am on Tuesday, January 3, 2016 in observance of the Christmas Season.

Please note: the following information applies to all programs of the Diocese.

If you would like to donate online, please use the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page. These gifts must be date stamped December 31, 2016.

If you would like to make a gift of Securities, this Authorization to Broker Form must be RECEIVED by OUR broker by December 30, 2016.

If you would like mail a donation, please ensure it is postmarked by December 31, 2016 to be eligible for a 2016 tax receipt. (Catholic Pastoral Centre, 120 17 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 2T2).

If you would like to drop off a donation, the Catholic Pastoral Centre is open until 4:30 pm on December 22, 2016. (Catholic Pastoral Centre, 120 17 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 2T2).

If you have any questions about these deadlines, please contact (please note this email will only be checked intermittently between December 22 and 31, 2016)

Thank you again for your generosity.
Merry Christmas from The Catholic Pastoral Centre.

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Bishop's Dinner 2016: Thank You

The Diocese would like to thank our more than 425 generous guests for making our event a great success! We were honoured to host delegates from our beneficiary charities (Catholic Family Services, The Joy Smith Foundation, Next Step Ministries and the YWCA Lethbridge) who enjoyed a lovely evening at Bishop Henry's table. The Stouthearted Knights of Airdrie blessed us with their beautifully talented voices, and Commonwealth Centre once again provided a delightful meal.

Bishop Henry's Address

Bishop Henry is a passionate speaker who inspires many with his words whenever he shares his thoughts on a topic. His address at this year's dinner did not dissapoint. He challenged us all to shine the light on the dark topic of human trafficking by getting educated and getting involved. He closed his speech with some practical points for families on how to keep "clean hearts" at home, especially in the areas of internet usage and communications with our children.

Watch the video below for Bishop's address, or click here to read the full text.

Our Beneficiaries

If you would like to know more about the stories shared by our beneficiaries, here are the links to the presentations they shared with us at Bishop's Dinner 2016:

Photos of the Evening

We were fortunate to have Bandi Szakony take some excellent photos of our event. You can view them here. If you would like a copy of a photo, please email the Event Manager, Samantha Jones at

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Bishop’s Dinner 2016: Create in Me a Clean Heart

Being a person of faith requires both a practical and a philosophical response to the call God places on our hearts to enter in communion with Him. Diocesan events strive to offer practical, tangible ways that we, as Christians, can respond to Jesus call to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” [Matt. 28:19] and to “love one another, as He has loved us” [John 13:34]. Whether it is a workshop that teaches us how to comfort the bereaved, a festival designed to set the faith of our youth on fire, a walk to raise funds for agencies serving the homeless, or a gala raising awareness and support for agencies changing our world for the better, we seek to give all of you a chance to truly make a difference.

The 2016 Bishop‘s dinner did so on Thursday, October 20 for more than 400 people in attendance. In an uncanny coincidence (or at the Holy Spirit’s divine prompting) this year’s dinner is just one of about a dozen events happening in Calgary in October and November that seek to provide education, awareness and an opportunity to fight against sexual exploitation. The events cover the impacts of human trafficking and the Bishop’s Dinner’s other difficult topic: pornography. Many of these events are being held in churches or by church communities. Why are they involved in such dark, secret topics?

In his keynote address at the October 20th event, Bishop Henry made that “why” very clear. The Church has a bright light to offer into the dark, dark world view of humanity, sex and sexuality that secular society perpetuates. A bright light highlighted — a philosophical response — by Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, which the Bishop referred to multiple times in his address.

“St. John Paul II taught that the opposite of love is not hate, but rather using a person as if he or she were an object. To love others is to recognize them as the gift they are, to seek what is truly good and best for them, and never to use them, and thereby objectify them as something less than persons. The body, then, is not raw, biological matter open to manipulation but is rather inseparable from who we are.”

But it is not enough to just ponder these issues. We actually need to do something about them — a practical response — even when it seems our small gestures do little to combat the bigger picture. If even one life is saved or fundamentally changed is that not enough? The second half of Bishop Henry’s talk focused on actions that we, as families, can take to reduce the impact a corrupted world view of sex can have on our youth, especially as it relates to pornography:

  1. Take an integrated approach. Kids require ongoing guidance and support from their parents… rather than just telling them what not to do or scaring them away from sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Be attentive to opportune moments to share wisdom and stories.
  3. Regulate Internet access.
  4. Monitor Internet usage. Check browser history and make use of monitoring software.
  5. Set appropriate rules regarding relationships and be involved in the kids’ dating practices.

By purchasing tickets to the Dinner, each attendee also made a practical gesture: monetarily supporting the four beneficiary agencies. Their generosity raised more than $20,000 to be split between Catholic Family Service, Next Step Ministries, the Joy Smith Foundation and YWCA Lethbridge. That was one of many bright spots during the evening. Another saw The Stouthearted Knights of Airdrie perform their music with great enthusiasm and talent to entertain an appreciative audience.

It is not too late to participate! If you would like to contribute financially, are interested in connecting to this cause in other ways, or want to know more about the event, please contact Samantha Jones, Event Manager at (403) 218-5531 or

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