Permission for Outside Speakers

Policy for inviting Bishops, Priests, Deacons or Lay Speakers into the Diocese of Calgary

It has been happening with increasing frequency that groups within the Diocese invite Bishops, Priests and Deacons from outside the Diocese of Calgary for ministry here as resource persons, animators, directors, homilists, etc. Lay persons have also been asked to lead retreats, talks etc. There is a definite procedure to be followed in these cases. All groups within the Diocese are asked to abide by this policy.

  1. No Bishop, Priest, Deacon or Lay Speaker is to be invited into the Diocese without the express permission of the Bishop of the Diocese or the Chancellor having been granted.

    The first step in the procedure, therefore, is to write to the Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary addressed to the "Chancellor" requesting permission to bring in such a person. In addition to the letter or email to the Chancellor, a reference form must be filled out for the particular person you are inviting under one of the following categories: Catholic Clerical Faculties, Permission for Lay Catholics or Religious, or Permission for other Christians and non-Christians (see "Resources"). When applying for this approval it is expected that some information will be given on your part concerning the person whom you desire to invite into the Diocese. Your letter should give information as to what ministry such a person will be engaged in and the relevant dates. A short biography of the person and his qualifications would be helpful.
  2. Once the permission is received from the Chancellor to invite the person into the Diocese you may then approach that person and invite them to come into the Diocese.
  3. When all arrangements between the group concerned and the person being invited have been completed a Letter will be issued from the Chancellor acknowledging faculties or giving permission for the said person.
  4. Such a procedure takes time and application should be made well in advance of any definite planning. Requests must be made by letter and not by word of mouth or telephone.
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Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the work you believe in. The Diocese gratefully accepts gifts from individuals, corporations, service clubs and other organizationss.

"Your smallest acts of love and kindness may quite well be the ones which change the world."
~Pope John Paul II

Making a Donation Via Cash, Cheque, or Online

Drop by the office, mail in a cheque or donate online to have the most immediate impact on the programs and services of the Diocese. Cheques should be payable to whichever program you are supporting or "Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary" with the program in the memo line. Please note that receipts are issued to the name(s) on the cheques or credit cards.

Supporting us with a gift of Securities

Gifting of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the Diocese is another meaningful way to support our programs. Simply complete this form (or click below) and send it on to your broker. They will then forward it on to the Diocese’s broker to complete the transaction. A tax receipt is issued for the value of the stocks at closing on the day received. The Diocese is also able to process these types of transactions on behalf of your parish.

Providing support on a Monthly Basis

Through our monthly giving program, you can pledge your support on a monthly basis while balancing your pocketbook. Think you can't afford a large gift? Spread it out over the year to make it more manageable! We are able to charge your credit card monthly and receipts are issued annually. This type of support allows us to budget more effectively and provides security for our programs. Donate monthly here.

Letting your loved ones know you care through a Celebration Gift

Celebrating a special day or a special person? Make a donation to the Diocese in memory of a loved one or in honour of a loved one's special day. Let us know who to send a note to so we can celebrate your generosity.

Look to the Future with a Planned Gift

Planned gifts include bequests, gifts of insurance and other types of property. Please click here or contact us for more information regarding this innovative way to give now and in the future.

Take advantage of your organization's Matching Gifts Program

Many employers will match your gift. Speak to yours today to find out what their policy is!

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