Welcome to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary. Established in 1912, our diocese stretches 110,000 square kilometers, spread across southern Alberta. Comprised of over 400,000 Catholics, 68 parishes and 11 missions, the diocese is led by Bishop William T. McGrattan.

The history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary is one of growth, change, immigration, adaptation and hope.

Spanning almost 100 years the joys and struggles of all of its people give the present its character. The diocese has developed from a sparsely populated backwater cared for by a few faithful priests to a vibrant, multicultural community encompassing rural hamlets and high-rise city condos.

A timeline was produced by the diocese for the 2005 Alberta Centennial celebrations and gives a taste of the richness and variety of our history in Southern Alberta. It shows that we have always been a migrant people in a physical as well as a spiritual sense.

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