Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults

The crime of sexual abuse by Church leaders touched us all at a very deep level. Many priests and parishioners remain hurt, angry, cynical, and confused. The trauma is not something that will simply go away with time. Something awful has happened for which no explanation or excuse will do.

We must be the light of Christ. Yesterday's victims and survivors deserve our understanding and support.Today's young people and vulnerable adults require our protection and guidance. Our brothers and sisters in Christ want assurance that the light is getting brighter, not dimmer.

Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults is designed to assist us to make the Church truly safe for the vulnerable, to break down the mistrust and the anger that afflicts so many of our brothers and sisters.The Diocese of Calgary ensures the protection of minors and vulnerable adults by following the standards in Strengthening Our Parish Communities protocols, including screening, training for abuse prevention and reporting and collaboration with civil authorities. 

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Contact Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults

Suzy Moutinho

Human Resources Advisor & Volunteers Coordinator

Office: 403-218-5533


Member of the Human Resources, Business, Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults Office.

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